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Leila Sales founded the Book Engineer after more than a decade in New York City publishing, where she edited award-winning and bestselling fiction and nonfiction books for readers of all ages. Her authors have included award-winning actors Viola Davis and Bob Balaban; New York Times bestselling authors Gayle Forman, Max Brallier, and Ame Dyckman; National Book Award Finalist Elizabeth Partridge; MacArthur Fellow Xu Bing; and many more. Leila has also managed classic children’s publishing properties including Corduroy, Angelina Ballerina, Ferdinand, The Snowy Day, and others. Additionally, she is the author of six critically acclaimed novels for children and young adults, including This Song Will Save Your Life and Once Was a TimeLearn more.

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As an author and editor, Leila Sales knows the book industry inside and out. Author Leila can make a good story great. And editor Leila can take that great story to the next level you never knew was possible.

Josh Funk, author of How to Code a Sandcastle

Working with Leila was a dream. She’s intuitive, smart, insightful, and always gave guidance that was clear, actionable, and deeply grounded from a character and story perspective. Leila was also delightful to work with on a personal level—generous, funny, a great (and prompt!) communicator, and the consummate professional.

Danielle Younge-Ullman, author of Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined